Building sustainable financial ecosystems

How technology and innovative finance solutions can help you thrive your business in economic challenging times. Get your financial liquidity organised faster, cheaper and more effective using Genuine Enterprise Notes - GEN.

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How to effectively route investors’ liquidity into the real economy at no risk

by Olivier Gazon - 12 march 2020
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The win-win liquidity model for SME’s and investors

by Olivier Gazon - 23 march 2020
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Boosted liquidity 
for enterprises and investors


Deploying finance excellence as a lever for the Planet

SBFinance fosters harmonious economic growth through innovative solutions combining finance engineering and IT engineering.

Beyond limiting beliefs of the generally accepted paradigms, SBFinance delivers breakthrough financial solutions with patent pending exclusive technology.

The SBFinance platform proposes efficient, effective customer centric alternatives 
to asset securitization with unlimited scalability.

SBFinance transforms Finance into a mean of Harmonious Economic Growth.

Our goal: contributing to building a better Planet.


We tackle challenges beyond installed paradigms to deliver unprecedented customer centric sustainable solutions that benefits all.


State of the art engineering is at core of our all our initiatives. In all fields: financial, technology and human interaction.


We all endeavour to help building a better planet and invest SBF free cash flows in initiatives building a better Planet.


Long term sustainability is at the heart of our solutions and services.

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